I am….

It took me a long time to figure out where my life was going.  I was stuck in so many roles and none of them were really “me.”  Or so I thought….

I am Belle and Drew’s mom.  Biology tells us that.  I carried them, birthed them, and am currently doing my best to raise them with as little damage as possible.

I am Tyler’s wife.  We met as kids, lived down the street from each other, and yes, he was “friend-zoned” for the longest time.  It wasn’t until our early-20’s that I realized my love for Tyler was more than just friends.  At 24, I said “I do” and I will, for the rest of my life!

These are facts.  These ARE who I am.  These parts of me make up the majority of my being.  These parts of me help define who I am, even when that makes me a maid, chaperone, dry-cleaner, chef, mediator and every other detail of our day-to-day life.  It isn’t just my job to care for this family, it is who I am.

And beyond these roles, my true self is revealed.

I am Kind. My kids remind me of this when they thank me for whatever it is I have done for them at that time.

I am Beautiful.  My husband tells me this one a daily basis. (And I believe him!)

I am Patient. My kids remind me of this when they throw fits and I refrain from homicide.

I am Capable.  My to-do list reminds me of this as I check off one thing after another.

I am Faithful.  My soul reminds me of this, as I thank God for this life I live every day.

I am Reliable.  My kids remind me of this when I pack their lunches, take them to sports practice, and help them brush their teeth every night.

I am Passionate. My boutique reminds me of this, day after day, as I hustle to meet the needs of my customers through fashion and friendship.

I am Enough.  Plain and simple.

I am Content.  This is where I am supposed to be right here, right now.

I am Petunia.