Wedding season!

If attending a wedding doesn’t remind you of how much you love your significant other… You’re wedding-ing wrong.

This last weekend, Tyler and I attend a wedding for our good friends.  It was stunningly perfect!  Tyler was a groomsman and was even asked to give a speech, of which he gave some priceless advice.

“You will always love your children.  Make sure you find time, and put in the effort it takes, to love each other.”

This is something that we practice regularly.  We put our cell phones away, grab a cold beverage and talk.  We go places, even if its just the grocery store, to have that extra time together.  We plant a garden every summer and farm it together.  The watering, weeding, harvesting; all done together.

We are totally capable of doing just about anything alone, but when we do it together something magical happens.  It reminds of why we love each other.  It reminds us of how well we work together.  It reminds us that we are better together than we are apart.

Weddings do this for us, too.  I won’t lie, we have taken dance lessons.  We aren’t just “good” at dancing.  It doesn’t come naturally to us (or at least not to me!).  So we took lessons, yet again, as something fun for us to do together, and it has helped us make even more amazing memories.

The best compliment that we ever get is “you guys can really get down!”  Like our marriage, it is something that we have continually worked at.  We move our kitchen island out of the way and use the entire kitchen to dance.  Our kids are even picking up on it.  And it warms my heart to think that someday they will recall “all those times Mom and Dad danced like idiots in the kitchen.”

It may sound cheesy, but this works for us.  It doesn’t matter what we do together, what matters is that we are together.  That’s what marriage is about.  No one gets married for the alone time.

‘Til death do us part, right? Find that something that really makes your marriage strong, and do it as often as possible!


Hot Mess Express

We all know what the Hot Mess Express is.  It rolls into the station at 5am, drags your tush out of bed, and the ride begins.

Jeans? Not today. Leggings.

Makeup? Not a chance.

Hair? Messy bun… again.

But on the Hot Mess Express, your kids still get fed, dressed, teeth brushed, lunches packed and away they go.  But mama’s appearance jumps right on that train and the day is on.

This “train” use to visit my house at least six days per week.  I am married with children; I don’t need to look nice.  But how is that fair to my husband?  I am still the same person (without an adequate amount of sleep), but I don’t look the same.  I’m a whopping 28-years-old and my hair is already rapidly going gray.  I have wrinkles that stay on my face whether or not I am smiling.  I have black bags under my eyes from the countless hours laying in bed making a mental to-do list for tomorrow while I should be sleeping. I am not the youthful women he fell in love with.

It wasn’t until recently that I realized how unfair this was to my husband.  He tells me all the time that he thinks I am beautiful, and half the time I think he is lying.  I know he doesn’t care too much when I jump on the HME for a week straight, but I owe it to him, as his wife, to do more than that with myself.  I owe it to myself to take the time to make myself better about me.

My first style ever from Amelia James was the Cottonwood.  Its an amazing long sleeve blouse that flatters every body shape! The day I put that top on my first thought was, “I need to do my hair!” And so I did.  Then I thought, “These bags have to go!” And so I did my makeup.  and then I thought, “Dang, girl! We should go out today!”

Slight pause…. mindful reflection… and then… “Why do I not do this more often?”

That day, Tyler told me probably 10 times how beautiful he thought I was.  He complimented my Cottonwood, my hair, makeup, body, eyes, absolutely everything!  Not only did I feel good about myself already, but he made me feel even better.  My son even told me twice that day how pretty I was.  That was when I realized staying off the train was better for me.

Yes. The Hot Mess Express is convenient.  It is fast and efficient. But it is NOT pretty.  It doesn’t make you feel good about yourself.  It doesn’t build and maintain your self-worth and/or confidence.

I’m not saying I will stay off the train completely.  I am saying that I now realize that I need to make that effort, not just for me but for the people around me.

“When mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”


Where Petunia’s Began…

I’m Kate.  Or Katelyn.  Or as my mom called me as a child, Petunia.


I don’t know where this nickname came from.  But as of the last month, this name has taken center stage for my life.  On April 1, 2018, I made the hard decision to leave my (rather successful, at least in my eyes) LuLaRoe business behind and start a new journey into opening my own boutique featuring My Amelia James.

I’m sure you have heard of the fast growing LuLaRoe clothing line.  It was fun! You never knew what wild and crazy prints and colors you would end up with.  But over the year that I was representing this company, my on-hand inventory got out of control.  I found myself drowning in clothing that I doubted I would ever sell.  So what did I do? I ordered more! I thought, “Maybe the next box will fill my customer’s needs.”  But I was wrong.

I love fashion! I love people! I love the connection you make with someone when you help them to feel better about themselves! Whether its helping them find the perfect dress, or just telling them that they are loved and beautiful!  I knew I wanted to continue on the boutique journey but LuLaRoe was no longer the funnel I was going to be able to use to do it.

After weeks of searching, I found My Amelia James, and fell in love with the company.  Their culture and style, their real-ness, their love for wine!  THESE ARE MY PEOPLE!

And so was born, Petunia’s Boutique featuring Amelia James.  Yes, I jumped right in, head first with no clue whatsoever what I was doing.  But there were a few things I did knew to be true.  I knew I was ready for a change.  I knew I was ready for a challenge.  I knew my customers would love this clothing.  I knew what styles and patterns and colors to expect.  I knew that I was going to have to work to make this happen.  So I did.

Change is scary, but only at first.