Wedding season!

If attending a wedding doesn’t remind you of how much you love your significant other… You’re wedding-ing wrong.

This last weekend, Tyler and I attend a wedding for our good friends.  It was stunningly perfect!  Tyler was a groomsman and was even asked to give a speech, of which he gave some priceless advice.

“You will always love your children.  Make sure you find time, and put in the effort it takes, to love each other.”

This is something that we practice regularly.  We put our cell phones away, grab a cold beverage and talk.  We go places, even if its just the grocery store, to have that extra time together.  We plant a garden every summer and farm it together.  The watering, weeding, harvesting; all done together.

We are totally capable of doing just about anything alone, but when we do it together something magical happens.  It reminds of why we love each other.  It reminds us of how well we work together.  It reminds us that we are better together than we are apart.

Weddings do this for us, too.  I won’t lie, we have taken dance lessons.  We aren’t just “good” at dancing.  It doesn’t come naturally to us (or at least not to me!).  So we took lessons, yet again, as something fun for us to do together, and it has helped us make even more amazing memories.

The best compliment that we ever get is “you guys can really get down!”  Like our marriage, it is something that we have continually worked at.  We move our kitchen island out of the way and use the entire kitchen to dance.  Our kids are even picking up on it.  And it warms my heart to think that someday they will recall “all those times Mom and Dad danced like idiots in the kitchen.”

It may sound cheesy, but this works for us.  It doesn’t matter what we do together, what matters is that we are together.  That’s what marriage is about.  No one gets married for the alone time.

‘Til death do us part, right? Find that something that really makes your marriage strong, and do it as often as possible!


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